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Eyekepper UV Protection, Anti Glare,Anti Blue Rays Computer +0.00 - +4.00

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Many of us today who spend long hours every day in front
of a screen, whether for work or digital leisure pastimes.
Computers, tablets, smartphones or connected watches all
form a part of our daily visual environment. Unfortunately,
the human eye was not naturally intended to  work at such a
close distance (40 cm to 1 metre) and for so long, with this
kind of light source (LEDs). As a result there are many eye
afflictions caused by both the harmful blue light from screens
and the eye fatigue linked to excessive strain on the ciliary

included a microfiber cloth and hard zipper case, Superior Blue
Light Blocking Computer Glasses that will reduce eye strain when
working on a computer, tablet, phone or television.Excellent for
Relieving Visual Discomfort and fatigue associated with using a
computer for long periods of time

QUALITY FRAME -FDA Registered Gamer Glasses and Computer
Eyewear,Accord with ANSI Z80.3-2010,Accord with BS EN ISO
12312-1:2013 and EN14139:2010,Accord with AS/NZS 1067:2009,
Quality plastic frame. No Longer spend nights lying awake after using
a Computer for long periods of time

Anti Blue Ray Computer Glasses 

1. Fine Plastic Eyeglasses, Light But Strong
2. Brand Design
3. High Grade PC Frame, Healthy for Your Skin
4. Factory Direct Price
5. Fashion Style Computer Glasses  
6. Unisex, Frame either for Men or Women, Good for Lovers, Couples
7. Anti Radition, Anti blue-ray, Antiglare, Anti-reflective, Antifatigue

Item Type: Eyewear
Eyewear Type: Reading Glasses
Gender: Unisex
Brand Name: Eyekepper
Lenses Color: Yellow
Lenses Optical Attribute: Gradient
Frame Material: Plastic
Lens Width: 5.3 cm
Coating: HMC
Lens Height: 3.5 cm
Lenses Material: Acrylic
Model Number: CG056


Blue light is a full time danger. It is emitted by ourcomputer
smartphone or tablet screens and blue light is responsible 
fophoto-chemical lesions to the retina. These lesions are
irreversible and contribute to eyesight deterioration that may
lead to blindness. Blue light also impacts our sleep pattern. 
The risks linked to prolonged exposure in front of screens are
just as important as the onesfaced after exposition to UV light
(AMD, cataracts).

optic-jaune gamergift.net

Watching a screen can have plenty of troublesome 
effects on eyes, and on health in general. Red or 
irritated eyes, headaches (vision induced migraine)
are typical symptoms of screen induced eye fatigue.
This eye fatigue is a consequence of excessive strain
on the ciliary muscles as to ensure focusing on-screen,
our eyes place great demands on the ciliary muscles.
Theprolonged contraction of these muscles for long
periods is the primary cause of eye fatigue.Over the 
long term, this prolonged contraction tends to make 
the eye short sighted, i.e. cause far off vision to deteriorate
even if it used to be fine.Over stressing the muscles may also
trigger excessive ocular convergence between the two eyes, 
causing a slight diplopia double vision) or even a little squint. 

Using an optical refraction phenomena , anti-fatigue technology
causes light beams to converge on the eye's retina. The dioptric
vergence brought to bear by our lenses limits the excessive eye 
strain and hence eye fatigue.The ciliary muscles are called on less
so that they can retain their natural elasticity over the long term. 
The result is more comfortable screen vision and hence better

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